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Next Big Thing?

untitled (341) imagesM7P78YJGEvery time I read about the next big thing from Samsung I get giddy.  I am A Samsung Galaxy Note 4 owner and cant wait for the next big thing.  This phone has everything so I cant imagine what that next thing will be.  If The could improve the battery life that would help.  The fact that the Note series is not water resistant is a little disappointing but I can see that the stylus kind of make that difficult.  I hope they continue to have external SD card support as well as replaceable battery.  Luke Weil is a IPhone guy and will never leave them.

Is Real?

There are so many sites touting themselves as viable work from home options. Most offer insane amounts of money for a few hours of work a few days a week. While there may be some validity in their claims, there is always the disclaimer. That disclaimer is “results not typical”. All of these advertisements and all of the noise that surrounds them only mask the true, viable, part-time, work from home solution. People who are new to this type of work, or those that have tried everything and suffer from the frustration of broken promises should all know that there is work that is easy and can be counted upon. Seven Dollar Click is a real site that will pay real money to people that can follow simple directions.

Seven Dollar Click provides a service called PTC (paid to click) to companies that are trying to drive traffic to their sites. Companies spend millions of dollars every year on marketing, and this is just one of the investments they make.

The Internet is not unlike other forms of retail. If companies want to bring in business, they need visitors to their store, and they need to have product seen. PTC, as provided by Seven Dollar Click, is a way to do this.

Every time someone visits an online store because of an advertisement, a path is blazed. Just as a trail forms and becomes wider as more people follow it, Internet paths become more productive and visible from continued use.

The Internet is smart though. The same person or computer can’t simply follow a path over and over and pave it out for everyone. If it was this simple, businesses wouldn’t need PTC. It isn’t that simple and that is precisely why Seven Dollar Click exists and why they need people like you to join their site.

In order for businesses to market effectively, to build paths to their stores and merchandise, and to maximize the efficiency of other forms of marketing, they go to Seven Dollar Click and request that members take a few moments of their day to follow these paths. In return for the service and the time out of your day, these companies will pay real money.

Seven Dollar Click is a real site that these companies pay to find members. Seven Dollar Click contracts a fee with those companies and then pays the members for the work that is carried out. Members really can make seven dollars for a click if they can do the work as instructed. See for details.