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Drone Me

imagesLDH8FM5T untitled (247) imagesQTB1FBA7The recent drone mania will be with us for a while.  The drone will bring those amazing videos from angles we could only imagine.  The drone technology is expanding exponentially and they are cheaper than ever.  Now the average person can own a drone and control it with their smart phone.  Will Amazon really start drone deliveries?  I guess we will have to wait and see.  The sky is the limit.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football will deploy drone cameras to catch that amazing football footage.  Live game footage will be only one of the thousands of ideas for your drone.

Tech for the Common Man

untitled (226) imagesM907FLNDTech has finally become available to the common man.  What used to be the thing of science fiction had now gotten into my hands and I like it.  If you ever wished for that science fiction item like I did you should be happy that they are far more cheap these days.  If you are will to settle for last years tech then it is very cheap to find.  The day of the tech only for the rich is over and I am enjoying my dreams daily.  Luke Weil can agree with the total tech revolution. If you can relate you are my kind of geek.

Four Dollar Click

With the preponderance of Pay-to-Click websites popping up all over the Internet, it is important to be able to discern which site is the optimal site to work with. They must be an established site like eBay that offers a clear benefit to all parties involved and they must offer a fair share of the revenue members generate for them. It seems that easily meets all of these qualifications and then some. is a website that earns its revenue through high volume advertising, and offers members the opportunity to earn a share of that revenue by viewing the advertisements for the website. Members of the website have a very easy job to complete, simply having to view the ads provides them with while earning four dollars for each view. Members are able to make a great deal of money in a very short period of time in this way, since all that is necessary to count the advertisement as having been viewed is the simple click of a mouse.

The concept behind the function of is ingenious. The website sells advertising to a variety of companies and is able to guarantee an incredibly large amount of views in a short period of time, making them a high-demand advertising platform. This being the case, can charge advertisers a very high rate for the privilege of advertising on their site. The way they get the quick and voluminous views of these advertisements is, of course, the result of paying their members a large share of the revenue. Members are able to view as many consecutive ads as they like, and can request a payout after they reach four thousand dollars earned. The processing for the payout request is generally quick, though it may take up to 75 days in some cases. seems to have come up with a business model that is beneficial to all parties involved. The advertisers get of broad range of people to see their advertisements in a short period of time, while the members get to earn a fair share of the advertising revenue while having to do relatively easy work. is therefore providing a valuable service to a variety of people, all while doing well for themselves in a business sense. It seems clear that is an excellent company to work with, whether as an advertiser of a member.

Is FourDollarClick Real?

It’s no secret that there are a number of ways to earn money online while working from home. It is also no secret that some of these means are more legitimate than others. It is therefore only natural to ask, “Is Four Dollar Click Real?”

The simplest answer to that question is yes. Four Dollar click is an absolutely real. My guess is, however, that you had a more specific question than could be answered with that closed yes or no response. I’ve taken the liberty at this point to write out what I think you may be asking and an answer I hope will make sense.

Why would a company pay for you to click on their ads?
Companies really will pay people to click on their advertisements and sponsor links. It is hard for us to imagine why. It almost seems like we are getting paid to window shop. There is some truth to that statement, and to answer the question, I will use the example of window shopping as an analogy.

Most of us aren’t old enough to know why it is called “window shopping”. Refer to some old movies for an example. You will find especially good examples if the movie you pick is an older Christmas movie. In these movies, all of the latest and greatest toys, tools, or electronic gadgets were placed in the department store windows. As patrons walked down the street, they would “window shop”. This means they would stop at the shop windows and gaze longingly at items they wanted. Now if you search your memory you will think of a few examples of this, and it is likely that a few of those examples have many people crowded around that window. Why? Because the more traffic that window displayed drew, the more people were compelled to stop and stare in. The more people that stopped, the more actually went. It is a cycle that can repeat itself for as long as there are people to stop. If traffic thins, eventually the crowd will die off. Therefore shop owners need to create a perpetual feeling of excitement outside their window.

Virtual stores on the Internet work in much the same way and that is why you can be paid to click on advertisements. By creating traffic for these shopping centers, excitement is built. In the virtual world, this excitement is measured in hits. The more hits a virtual store receives, the higher it drives that store in the ranks. Search for a new television. The first responses you will receive are the most popular sites.

Very simple, more traffic, means more traffic. Activity begets activity.

Hopefully that analogy helps you understand why you can be paid four dollars for every clic6k. Four dollar click is real, and this phenomenon is exactly why.